What’s in your makeup bag?

Challenge 7
So yeah, as you can see, I changed the title from ‘day’ to ‘challenge’, since I’m obviously not doing a challenge every day. Anyway, today I’m showing you what’s in my makeup bag. The stuff on the photo is not all I have, but it is the stuff I use the most. Have fun!
1. Brownish Volume Boost lipgloss by Rimmel
2. Black liquid eyeliner bij Essence 
3. Brown/beige eyeshadow by Be:Yu
4. Dark brown eyeshadow by Bourjois
4. Bronzing powder by Sephora
5. Liquid foundation by Gosh
6. Primer by Gosh
7. Light pink blusher by MAC
8. Eyebrow pencil by Essence
9. Kohl pencil by Etos
10. Concealer by Gosh
11. Studio Fix powder by MAC
12. Inimitable Intense mascara by Chanel
and of course some brushes by various brands

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