A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Day 4

An animal I’d love to keep as a pet. That’s definitely a dog, since I’m a dog person more than anything. So I picked the one on the left. Isn’t he the cutest? He’s a puggle and I’d love to have one of those dogs sometime. This is obviously a puppy, but I’d also love an older one.

I think that if I’ll ever be able to have a dog, I would go to a shelter and get one that’s been abandoned by his family. My heart just breaks when I see all these dogs in small cages behind bars.

Well, anyway, it’ll probably take a while before I can get a dog. I’m so busy with school and since I’m studying journalism I hope I’ll keep being very busy after I finish my education. Which would also mean that there’s no one to take care of the doggy for. Until then I have my parents’ dog, Mickey, to cuddle whenever I visit. So I think he deserves a photo right here too. Love him.


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