Since I’m an extreme fashion addict, there’s a lot of fashion sites I check (almost) every day. Next to all the fashion blogs, these are my favorite sites:


We all know her from The Hills, but since that stopped Lo Bosworth needed something else to do. She started this blog about relationships, health, life, community, beauty and style. She doesn’t just give random info, she gives her own opinion about it and gives you a look into your life.


Let’s start with the best one of them all. The fashion bible online. The best site ever. Style.com has everything from upcoming trends and videos to celebrities, parties and beauty. But the best thing is the fashion shows. On this site you can find all the photos from the most recent fashion shows. If you like fashion even a little bit, you have to check it out.


Okay, so he’s a blogger, but he does deserve a special spot right here. I love Bryanboy. Really, I do. My friends even call him my future husband (yeah, I know he’s as gay as it gets). He go’s to the most incredible fashionshows, his style is amazing and Marc Jacobs even named a bag after him. I don’t really know how to describe him further so you better just click on that link!


One thought on “Faves

  1. Hello Xandra, thank you for your comment! You are from the Netherlands!!! I visit Amsterdam/Rotterdam once a year- it is a beautiful country. I am looking forward to read your 30 day blog challenge- keep it up! ;)Emyli. xxx

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