Whatya want from me?

I have a lot of things to say, I think. First, I haven’t been updating again. The reason still is my headache, it just won’t go away. Yesterday I went to the doctor, but he couldn’t find anything wrong so he sent me to the hospital where they took pictures of my head. I really hope they can find what it is, because it hurts and it just won’t go away.

Second, I’m gonna see Adam Lambert in concert. Yeah, I don’t even know if I wanna go, but I bought tickets so I’m going anyway. There’s probably some people gonna be there that I really don’t wanna see, but I guess I have to deal with it and don’t care. It’s not like I’m gonna let them lead my life.

Third thing, the last one, is that I got another package from H&M. I ordered a military green sweaterthingy, a fake fur coat and a salmon colored blouse. The fake fur coat was really pretty, I love the color, but it’s too short for my likings so I didn’t keep that, but the other two pieces are really pretty. I’m wearing the sweaterthingy on the photo below. I know you can’t really see, so I’ll make a better picture of it soon.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot! My driving exam is planned! November first I have to show them I can do it and get my drivers license. I’m so nervous already… 


4 thoughts on “Whatya want from me?

  1. Bedankt voor je leuke comment! Ik heb anders helemaal niet zoveel schoenen hoor, vrij weinig zelfs.. ;)Ik heb nu een 30 den panty van 3,50 euro! Hij bevalt prima en alle panty's gaan snel kapot, dat is helaas nu eenmaal zo!

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