My laptop broke! Seriously, it gave me a heart attack. I came home after work last thursday and it just wouldn’t start. So yesterday I went to the store where they checked it and they said my hard drive was nearly crashing. Thank God I got an external hard drive from my parents for my birthday, so I’m putting everything on that right now. The guy at the store said my laptop was fine for now, but there was a great possibility something went wrong in there so it could crash again any moment: scary!

Anyway, to relieve my stress I went to the hairdresser today to get my hair cut. IT’S SHORT! I swear, she cut about 10 centimeters off. I know it was necessary cause I had all these random parts in my hair that were longer or shorter than the rest and it looks way healthier now, but still. I’m not used to my hair being this short, I keep touching it to see where it went. What do you think?


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