Happy birthday

..to me!

As of today I’m officially 21 years old. Meaning I can legally drink in the US now! Yeah, that’s the only thing I can think of right now, cause damn, I feel old (dramaqueen, I know)

This is just a very quick message cause I’m leaving for the Volendam Fair in a couple minutes. I just wanna say I’m sorry for my lack of updates, but I’ve been having an awful migraine since the start of my internship. I guess stressing about interviews and phone calls in combination with staring at a computer screen all day isn’t really good for me. And since I’m gonna be in Volendam until Sunday you won’t be hearing from me this weekend either. Unless you check my Twitter of course ;D


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday

  1. JA erg is dat he.. Haha als je 16 word mag je brommer rijden.. Op je 18de mag je autorijden en clubben.. Op je 21e al bijna niks meer.. Maar wel meer clubs in! haha gefeliciteerd!

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