So I finally moved into my new room yesterday. It was more work than we thought it would be. Especially because the girl than officially lives in this room (I’m renting it for the three months she’s in Africa) was supposed to take all her stuff out, which she didn’t do. So I had to pack all her stuff and move it back to my parents until I move back out here.

Anyway, I’m here now. I’m not liking it a lot, but I have no choice since I’ve gotta do this internship in the neighborhood for three months. I really hope I can move to Amsterdam after this, but we’ll see. Speaking of my internship. I’m starting at the Stentor wednesday and I’m scared as hell. The conversation I had with my mentor at school today didn’t really help since he told me I’m gonna be pretty much thrown into the deep.

On a better note, my nails are looking really good! I bought a nail hardener by Rimmel London and I love it. It gives my nails a very cute shine (though you can’t really see that on the photo), but more importantly: it makes my nails healthier and keeps them long without cracks.


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