I don’t really know what to say about this so I’m just gonna let the image speak for itself.

This is a shirt that was sold by Urban Outfitters. You’re reading correct: wás sold. After a numerous amount of criticism they took it off their website, but nonetheless, they probably did think it was gonna be a hit. If not, why put it on in the first place?

What I’m trying to say, I don’t really know. What do you think of this shirt? Would you wear it?


4 thoughts on “Ehh..

  1. no i wouldn't wear it… people would think i'm suffering from anorexia or i'm really watching my weight. i totally understand why they took it of the market. but allthough i like the shirt 🙂

  2. That shirt is just wrong and sick. The person who designed it has obviousely no clue how the world function nowadays and how many boys&girls are dealing with eating disorders..

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