Sooo, I went to Pinkpop last friday and it was awesome! I’d never been there before but I’ve always wanted to. Even though it’s a three-day festival, I was only there on friday. But I’m actually glad about that because the weather on friday was beautiful and it rained like hell on saturday and sunday.

Anyway, I saw a lot of cool artist. Dutch rappers The Opposites were really fun to watch. They had guest performances of a lot of famous Dutch artists. Also, I saw Gossip! I’ve been wanting to see them for a while now but they haven’t been around. It was worth waiting for though, they’re amazing live! Beth Ditto, the singer, had such a beautiful voice, you wouldn’t believe it.

Of course the highlight of the day was Rammstein, headliner of the day. It was so cool to see them live! The guy freaks me out and I don’t even like their music all that much (it’s fun to listen to every once in a while, that’s all), but there show is spectacular. So much fireworks, attributes and fire in general! I’m really happy I got to see them perform live.



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