Comet love

Very quick message from me. As you know, my laptop is broken and I’m dying a slow death without it. I hope I’m gonna get it back next week, but who knows? I do have my new phone which I can use to check emails and random sites but it’s really hard to write a blog on it so I’m sorry.

Anyway, as you know I went to the Viva Comet awards last friday. It was sooo much fun! I’m not gonna tell you every detail, but believe me: it was amazing.

Tokio Hotel won the award for best live act. They were so happy, it was really great to see. Oh and of course it was cool to watch Bill and Tom present an award too. They looked very hot.

A friend of a friend (ohyeah) knew where the afterparty was so we got lucky and went there too. So freakin greatt<3

I’m still extremely tired from that night, since we didn’t get any sleep at all and this morning my little brother celebrated his 16th birthday. So it’s early bedtime for me again. Sweet dreams, for sure.


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