Queensday pt. 2

Good morning!

Wow, that sounds way happier than I actually am. I am so tired! My roommate is moving out today and she decided to do that at 9 in the morning, the day after queensday. Seriously, do you think she might be crazy?

I didn’t even get home that late last night but I’d been out all day drinking and partying and walking around. I had so much fun, but I was tired as hell when I got home. So short to say, I wanted to sleep. Which is totally impossible with all this noise. Okay, I kinda sound like a whining old grandma, but it’s true though.

Oh, this is what I looked like when I got back yesterday. My hair wasn’t as pretty anymore after I cycled to the train station in a lot of wind and rain, but my make-up kinda survived. Anyway, I think I’m gonna go watch a movie or something. Still have to do groceries too though. Have a good day!


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