Chanel baby

You might have noticed my new layout, which is totally inspired by Chanel. Well, it’s actually all Chanel. The C of Contagious is the Chanel logo and the ‘ontagious’ is a Chanel inspired font. The photo on the right is Lily Allen in the campaign for Chanel Cocoon, the new collection of Chanel bags. You should really check out the site, the pictures are amazing.


I love Chanel bags. Seriously, I know for sure that when I have a ‘real’ job, my first salary will go to a Chanel bag. I actually saw the perfect bag in the Chanel store when I was in Berlin. Until than, I’ll have to settle with cheaper stuff, like the make-up.


One of the things I use is their eye pencil, but what I’m really crazy about is Chanel Vernis, nailpolish. It’s 21 euro’s per piece, but it’s so pretty! It dries really fast, it stays good really long and it’s just really beautiful! I have three colors right now: Ballerina, Sahara Beige and Black Satin (you can see them at the end of this post). I’m actually wearing the Sahara Beige one right know. I might make some pictures of how the colors look on my nails some time.

…and let me know what you think of the new layout! ;P



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