Freaky shoes

I love shoes. Really, I do. I think I have about thirty pairs of shoes in my closet. Some with heals, some without, wedges, boots, sneakers, I have it all. Seems like I have it all. What I don’t have though, are these remarkable heels:







Have you always wanted to step into a                         Go green! Wooden heels, good for the
Lamborghini? Here’s your chance!                                enviroment. And the stripper is cool too ;P







My own personal favorite, disco ball shoes!               I think these might be the most creative of
I would love to have these in my closet.                       them all. Made of snowboardbindings.


Last but not least. A pair of one of my favorite shoe designers: Christian Louboutin. I love his shoes and I hate the fact that I can’t afford them.

These shoes might not be as special as all the above, but I thought they were still worth mentioning.

They’re designed based on a bottle of champagne. I don’t know how mucht hey will cost, but I’ll bet it’ll be a lot. Shoes and alcohol, what else do we want?


So, what do you think? Would you wear these shoes? Did you see shoes even more extravagant than this? Let me know!


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