OPI in Wonderland

I already told you about the movie Alice in Wonderland that’s coming out next year. I’m looking forward to it so much! Not just because of Johnny Depp (love him!) but the film is gonna be simply amazing. Check out the pictures.

That’s not what this blog is about though. It’s about nailpolish! You wanna know what that’s got to do with Alice in Wonderland? I know you do! Yes! (yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either)

In cooperation with Disney, OPI is releasing an Alice in Wonderland line! Personally, I’m a huge Disney fan so I’m very curious how it’s gonna look. The display already looks really good. It’ll contain four beautiful colors, namely:

  • Off with Her Red! – A glowing, empowering hot red
    The Red Queen: Cruel ruler of Underland, she cuts off the heads of those who disagree with her. She would rather be feared than loved.
  • Absolutely Alice – An absolutely amazing blue glitter
    Alice Kingsley: Beautiful but slightly off-kilter, sees the world differently than most. In the Rabbit Hole, she seeks to write her own destiny.
  • Mad as a Hatter – A madly marvelous black-multi glitter
    The Mad Hatter: Formerly the White Queen’s hatter. Now, he is part of the Underland Resistance and driven to madness by guilt.
  • Thanks So Muchness! – For this ”much-have” red shimmer
    And lastly…; As if the tale was not adventurous enough, one more shade to color your own Underland over and over.

click for bigger pic

I’m a huge fan of the last one, I love the color. I hope they’re gonna release it in the Netherlands too. What color is your favorite?


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