Garage sale!

I’m in trouble. Well, it’s not that bad, but still. I need money, a lot. I think everybody wants money, but I seriously need it right now.

The thing is, because all the concerts that went on pre-sale in the same week and my spontanious trip to Berlin for the EMA’s, has cost me a lot. Which means I had to borrow money for it. Which means there are people wanting it back. Which means I need money.

This is what I did. I opened up my closet and found out there are a lot of things I’m not wearing anymore or at least, not enough. So I decided to try to sell them in hopes of getting some more money, which I need.

I don’t know if some of you might be interested in my close, but you should just check it out. If only just to help me. Because I need it so bad ;P


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