Paint it black

I love make-up. Really, I do. It’s not that I look like some barbie doll, I just like to experiment and do something different. When I have the time, that is. Usually, at school and stuff, this is what I wear:

* Foundation mousse (Hema)
* Compact powder (Essence)
* Soft blush (H&M)
* Black liquid eyeliner (Rimmel)
* Black mascara (Rimmel)
* Lipgloss

Some days I want to go all out and then I use different stuff. Like the stuff I’m gonna show you know. Let me know what it is you use on a daily basis or what you’re fave’s are. These are some of mine:



As I already told you HERE, I love lipgloss. It’s not that Lipsmackers are amazing quality or something, they’re just so much fun. They look really colorful and taste amazing. They have so many different shapes, flavors and looks, I want to have them all.



I like to use a lot of colors together sometimes, but I don’t wanna look like a clown so I go for more nude colors. Just like this palette. It’s from ZOEVA. Be sure to check out that site, because not only have they a lot of cool palletes, they also make brushes of really good quality and it’s not even that expensive!



Opposite to the two things above, this is something I use everyday. I’ve been through a lot of mascara’s in my life, but this is definitely the best one. It’s a Rimmel mascara called Sexy Curves and it’s simply amazing. Usually, my problem with mascara’s is that they either make you eyelashes thick ór make them curl. Since I want to have both, I used to use two different one’s. Now I don’t need to anymore, cause I got this!


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