Lost in your labyrinth


I know I only just posted something, but I’m just that bored.

I talked about three of my favorite movies HERE already, but I’m gonna add one you simply have to see. The one I’m talking about is Labyrinth and this video here is the trailer. The summery goes like this:


Grown angry about the fact that she must watch over her little brother Toby, Sarah wishes the child to the goblins.
They translate this careless statement into action: The Goblin-King Jareth announces that whitin 13 hours Toby will mutate into a goblin.
There is only one hope: Sarah has to find the way to Jareth’s castle, through a dangerous labyrinth, where she will find strange creatures.


The best thing about this movie is the wonderful David Bowie. I love him, espacially in this movie. His voice is amazing and his look is just out of this world. Oh and he composed and wrote all of the songs in Labyrinth.

Be sure to check it out!


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