Lipgloss luxury

If there is one make-up item I’m totally addicted to, it’s got to be lipgloss. I don’t know how many tubes of lipgloss I have in my make-up stash, but I can tell you: it’s a lot. I got al types of red, pink, gold, silver, clear, glitter and then some. It’s addictive.

There’s one kind of lipgloss still on my wish list though. I know for a fact that Jolien has one, which makes me extremely jealous, because I can’t afford it. What I’m talking about is Dior Kiss. It’s so pretty, cute, shiny and overly expensive. So if you want to give me a late birthday present (please? ;P) this is it:


2 thoughts on “Lipgloss luxury

  1. Hahahahaha, that 'please' part! :'DOeeh, linkje naar mijn blog, me likes!Haha, de volgende feestdag of verjaardag krijg je misschien wel alleen maar DiorKiss, allemaal ander kleurtje. :'DD

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