Hello world!

So this is the first thing I’m posting on this blog. The first! So in the future, when I’m famous, you (my reader) can say you read my first blog. How cool is that?

I really don’t know what to type now though, I’m so tired, I can’t think. It’s aweful! I just started school again this week and it’s killing me. I just can’t stand getting up early. I’m not made to do that, it’s unnatural.

Next to that, my first week of school was horrible. I’m studying journalism, minor magazine journalism right now, and this week was all theory. I hate that, just let me write! Hopefully that’s gonna happen next week, cause then we’ll start making actual magazines, so cool!

Anyway, I don’t think this is all that interesting, but I promise, next time I’ll be more fun. For now, it’s time for bed. The earth says goodbye.



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